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Home Watch Services

home watch service

Home Watch

Home Watch Visits As part of our service, we conduct thorough visual inspections of your home and property, carefully identifying any visible issues. After each visit, we provide a comprehensive digital report that includes images, ensuring transparency and detailed documentation. If we come across any concerns or problems, we promptly communicate them to you, prioritizing immediate notification. Upholding the highest industry standards is a core value we hold dear.

A Home Watch Visit Our accredited home watch professional conducts a diligent visual inspection of the following items, carefully searching for any evident issues:
issues: (See Attached)

Visit Reports

After each Home Watch Visit, you will receive a comprehensive digital report that provides evidence of the inspection conducted on each item. This report includes images as well as any communicated issues that require your immediate attention at your property.

The digital Home Watch Report serves as a valuable record, capturing the precise GPS coordinates of your residence along with the visit's date and time. These reports can serve as documented proof to your insurer, reassuring them that your home is being diligently and regularly visited. 



A Key Holder Service is where we securely maintain a copy of our client’s key, security codes, etc. and if access to the residence is needed, we are available 24/7 to give that access. We can be available to meet and give access to client-approved vendors, contractors, delivery companies, guests or renters. We can also arrange to be present in the client’s home while services are being performed or receive deliveries and secure the home upon completion. We can respond to a security alarm 24/7.


  • Meet service/vendors contractors

  • Assist renter/guest when locked out

  • Monitor & report property maintenance while homeowner is away

  • Respond to a security alarm 24/7

  • Visit home after power outages/severe storms

  • Vacant property inspections

We are available 24/7 to give access to your residence

Emergency Home Watch Contact

Hilton Head Island

(843) 298-1492


(843) 298-0994

concierge service

Concierge Services

Concierge Services assist absentee home owners by preforming or coordinating various tasks and specialized needs in their absents from their home away from home.


  • Storm Preparation and Restoration Services

  • Car Start Services

  • Marine Check Services

  • Mail/Package Forwarding

  • Delivery Receiving/Acceptance

  • Smoke Detector Battery Replacement Services

  • Toilet Valve and Water Line Rebuild

  • Light Bulb Replacement

  • Contractor Access and Verification

  • Alarm Call Responder

  • Multiple Customized Services

See Below for more Details.

Storm Preparation

Storm Preparation and Restoration Services

We offer post-storm inspections and reporting which include a digital report with photographs of damages. This would be very beneficial for insurance claim reporting and documentation.

Mail and package forwarding

Mail/Package Forwarding

 We gather packages left at your door and secure them safely inside your house.  

Toilet Rebuild

Toilet Valve Rebuild and Water Line Rebuild

Under our basic services we routinely monitor toilets to be sure they are not running or that the rubber flanges are sealed.    We will routinely check water supply for leaks and coordinate replacement as needed.  

Car Start Services

Car Start Services

We will start your car weekly.  We will report poor battery turnover, fluid leaks, low tire inflation, signs of vandalism or break ins, weather related damage caused by  hail, tree limbs and other objects.  We will be sure that car remains locked at all times.  

Delivery and Receiving

Delivery Receiving/Accptance

We will meet, inspect and accept deliveries scheduled for your home away from home and secure them safely inside your home. 

Contractor Access and Verification

Contractor Access and Verification

We routinely note light bulbs that are burnt out as well as chirping smoke detector Batteries.  We will coordinate replacement as directed.  

Marine Check Services

Marine Check Services

We will check on your boat and start as directed.  We will check for excessive bilge water or failed bilge pumps.  We will arrange to have the boat cleaned from time to time as well as check for animal infestation or damage.  We will inspect and tighten ropes and the surrounding birth. We will inspect for theft and vandalism. 

Alam call responder

Alarm Call Responder

We will be available 24 hours a day should your alarm sensors trip and sound off.  We will be the caretakers of your deactivation codes for alarm monitoring calls as well as meet responders as needed on site.

Multiple Customized Services

Multiple Customized Services

Overwatch also works with our customers to create and tailor our services to meet their needs.

Overwatch Home Services Logo


Prior to commencement, we offer at no charge to inspect and survey your house to better understand your needs.

 We create a custom plan that is tailored to you and your home using our state of the art software technology.

This creates a consistent and accountable process that is tracked by you after each visit.

The report to you outlines observations and concerns as well as documents issued that arise that need attention. 

Communication is not just a promise but part of our DNA and culture.

Should there be an observation that needs intervention we will promptly report the issue and suggested solutions. Once directed we will immediately address and or supervise to correct the issue for you with reports and pictures as needed.  

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