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Why Hire a Home Watch Company?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Quality and Consistency

Hiring a professional home watch company should be your first step when purchasing a secondary home or when leaving your home vacant for an extended period of time. When choosing home watch personnel, the first mistake you can make is by asking a friend, neighbor, or relative to do so. While it may seem like the easiest route, there is no accountability when determining the frequency of visits of the person you have asked to watch your home and you could end up with massive problems when you return. A professional home watch and property management company like Overwatch Home services will provide detailed reports with geo-location tags that give proof of each home watch visit. You can rest assured that your home is being cared for by the most qualified home watch company in the region.Add media to your posts

Detailed Inspections

Overwatch Home Services is a professional home watch company that will pay attention to the details that matter. Overwatch will do a full corner to corner inspection of your home and will test all appliances, check all exposed piping for leaks, examine windows for water intrusion, examine electrical boxes for tripped breakers, inspect for rodent intrusion, and examine any factors that could be hazardous to your home. We provide a full detailed report of every area of your home and notify you of any issues we come across during inspection. Create galleries to showcase a media collection

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Vendor Coordination

If Overwatch Home Services comes across any issue during the home watch visit, we have a reliable list of trusted vendors to get the issue fixed. We will coordinate scheduling with the vendor and have a home watch professional meet them at your home during the duration of the project. We will verify that the proposed work is completed and the job is done correctly. The job invoice will be added to your monthly Overwatch Home Services bill.


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