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What is Overwatch Home Services, LLC ?

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Overwatch Home Services is a home watch and property management company for secondary home owners or primary home owners who will be leaving their home vacant for an extended period of time. Overwatch Home Services prides itself on providing the highest quality home watch service in the region. We provide professional home watch specialists with years of experience in the home watch and property management industry. Although other competing home watch companies offer similar services, Overwatch’s dedication to perfection and unmatched customer service is what set’s it above all other companies in the home watch industry. We take the upmost pride and care into each inspection and make sure that detail is our main concentration. Overwatch Home Services is more than just a home watch company, we offer many more home management services such as vendor coordination, 24/7 alarm response, car and marine check services, and much more! Don’t settle on an average home watch or property management service that you can’t trust. Call Overwatch Home Services to get a free consultation and see how a home watch company is supposed to treat your home!

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