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South Carolina's Most Trusted

 Absentee Home Watch & Rental Management

Serving Hilton Head Island and the Charleston Area

Bonded & Insured

Overwatch Home Services: We are a comprehensive property management company that specializes in offering complete management services for absentee homeowners and vacation rental properties. Our services cover the Hilton Head Island and the Charleston regions, ensuring that your property is well taken care of, whether you're an absentee homeowner or have a vacation rental property.

Absentee Home Watch and Vacation Rental Management:

Overwatch specializes in property management services, which include attentive absentee home watch services and vacation rental management for your remote property. We prioritize accountability and provide comprehensive reports that detail the status and condition of your home and property. After each visit, we promptly submit electronic reports to keep you informed. Additionally, we handle maintenance coordination and other necessary services on your behalf, ensuring that your home is well-taken care of.

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Our Mission: 

Overwatch Home Services is a dedicated business specializing in absentee home watch and vacation rental management services. Our unique approach combines unwavering commitment, accountability, and technology to provide you with complete peace of mind for both you and your property.

Property Management Experience:

With extensive experience in residential and commercial property maintenance, as well as building construction, our team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. This expertise seamlessly translates into our efficient and effective management of your property when you're away.

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How does Overwatch Home Services work?

In three easy steps

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Free Quote

We’ll visit you and learn how you like things done around your property and other assets.

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Property Care and maintaining

We look after your property and assets for you. You’ll receive updates about your property after each visit.

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Sit Back and Relax

We take care of whatever you need, so you can sit back and relax knowing what matters most to you is in trusted hands.

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